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All true believers ought to love the church of Jesus Christ. God has called us to a pilgrimage on this earth not to walk alone but with other family members. As soon as I saw the title of this book, I became interested to know more. I wanted to compare what we have in common with Reformed churches. I knew there would be differences but as you read this book you will find out we have so many wonderful similarities.

This book is an easy read and yet it does not simply dilute its doctrinal content. It is a 200 odd page faithful introduction to the reformed faith and to how Reformed churches function. There is something in this book for all kinds of readers. Those who love church history will really like the opening chapter as the “roots” of reformed churches are laid out. Those who are very cautious about “confessions” will get a good and winsome explanation. There are confessions even in the Bible; Deuteronomy 6, Philippians 2, 1 Timothy 3. The author does well to explain how even churches that do not prioritize historic creeds and confessions do have a ‘statement’ of faith. Confessions promote unity. They help all the church members to clearly distinguish wolves. They safeguard the sheep from being ill treated by personal dislikes of leaders.

This book promotes a very high view of Scripture as Sola Scriptura is explained and upheld. The great truths of the Bible re-discovered in the reformation, namely the 5 Solas are clarified well. No true believer gets tired of those because they refresh the soul. There is also a faithful and concise treatment about the great Biblical doctrines of Justification and Sanctification.

I personally was greatly benefited by chapter four, which talks about the covenants of the Bible. Even if you are not convinced about “covenant theology”, you will benefit much. We have to agree that the redemption plan according to Ephesians 1:3-5 was eternally in God’s mind. We also know from Romans 5:12-21 that Adam was the representative of mankind and that his fall brought sin and condemnation by imputation. We also see in Genesis 3:15 that God was already promising to graciously save us and undo the works of the devil. This chapter helps us to see how much unity there is in the Bible.

Reformed churches seek to order the way they worship together according to what has been prescribed in the Scriptures. They, like us believe that God gives us wonderful means through which we may grow in grace. Preaching of the gospel, partaking of holy communion, baptism, church discipline and qualified leadership are cherished marks of a true church. You will also find some frequently asked questions answered well in the Appendix section. In a day and age when many churches are being side tracked by so many worldly distractions, this book calls us to be faithful to the Scriptures.

Vineet Sasane
Vineet Sasane